It feels so good to type in www.shardaisy.com. I took nearly a 2-year hiatus from blogging for a lot of reasons. One being I felt the urge to “keep up” which made my content feel forced. I was buying clothes just to take pictures and going to every event (which isn’t cheap) JUST to take pictures. On top of that, I was transitioning between college and graduation...moving to a new city...and starting my “big girl job”. When I started blogging I was evolving to who I am now, so I’m a completely different person than before. I had to take a step back and realize a lot of things no longer served me, including the way of which I was presenting myself on my website. In the timeframe of my stepping back, I’ve lived alone, traveled a lot, got a boyfriend, a dog, moved, and realized what I want out of this. I’ve realized that my blog can be my space to produce written content, and I shouldn’t stop creating just because it isn’t my full-time job. I’ve also realized that I want to share more of myself. I want to share styling tips, beauty, and fashion writing, my travel diaries, and all things shardaisy. So buckle up cause we back baby!  

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